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Pandemic times have shown that companies without the proper supply chain management are exposed to many risks – from revenue decline, insufficient product supply, reduction in staff, and in most extreme cases even face existential risks.

With APICS certified employees, you will increase your company’s stability thanks to the many benefits that internal supply chain experts bring.

Increase productivity

Improve processes

Improve leadership

Lower operational expences

Grow internal know-how

Improve corporate brand recognition

Increase efficiency

Improve customer service

Increase profits

And others

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You can educate your employees in the most flexible way. Our courses can be organized at times and locations that fit your needs. We also have special bulk offers for both companies and education providers.

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Benchmark course for Entry-Level professionals in Supply Chain

Designed specifically for companies.

The BSCM course offers a comprehensive understanding of industry-standard terminology, tools, and processes, fostering collaboration and efficiency across teams.


Basics of Supply Chain Management

APICS courses at Supply Chain Education


Certified Supply Chain Professional


Certified in Planning and Inventory Management


Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution


Certified in Transformation in Supply Chain

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Compare our four APICS courses and find out which is best suited to the needs of your business and staff.

Supply chain education

Supply Chain Education

Supply Chain Education deliveres globally recognized APICS certifications, end-to-end learning and development with our industry experts and global standards to transform your supply chain.

Official APICS and ASCM partner

Teaching in English or Czech

Certified and experienced tutors

Individual approach

150+ Trained professionals

On-line or In person

Based in Prague, teaching accessible from the whole of Europe

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Official APICS partner since 2013

Supply Chain Education is an official APICS partner. Our mentors are certified and globally recognized APICS Training Partners and committed to enhancing our students’ core competencies in supply chain operations.

All mentors have a wealth of experience in supply chain management which we will be happy to share with you.


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