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Which APICS Certification is right for me?


Supply Chain Education provides three official APICS courses.

CSCP covers the whole end-to-end supply chain management.

CPIM focuses on planning and sourcing.

CLTD focuses on delivering and returning.

CTSC focuses on strategies for end-to-end supply chain transformation.

Each course has individual requirements, benefits, and outputs.

See our visualization and comparison of the courses to determine which course is right for you.

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Those who are ambitious or in a position of Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, COO, Plant Manager usually choose CSCP.

Comparison of our APICS courses


Certified Supply Chain Professional

Streamline production and cut costs by strategically looking outside internal operations and throughout the entire supply chain.

  • Focus on whole end-to-end supply chain management
  • Extend beyond the organization
  • 4 mentored course days


Certified in Planning and Inventory Management

Earning the APICS CPIM demonstrates mastery of an organization’s internal operations and an in-depth understanding of materials management, master scheduling, forecasting, production planning and how it applies across the extended supply chain.

  • Focus on planning and sourcing
  • Work more productively with your company’s processes and initiate continous improvement activities
  • 4 mentored course days in each part


Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

Increase efficiencies in distribution and warehousing to optimize movent of products to the end customer.

  • Focus on delivering and returning
  • Covers whole industry
  • 4 mentored course days


Certified in Transformation in Supply Chain

Increase strategic knowledge and skills to support the successful transformation of supply chains.

  • Focus on strategies for end-to-end supply chain transformation 
  • Using global standards
  • 4 mentored course days 

Chose the study style that suits you best


Traditional classes combine the Learning System with the guidance of an APICS-recognized mentor (4 full days).

Corporate and group

Tailor-made instructor-led classes for companies at your facility or virtually.


Ideal for those who want instructor support but can’t attend classes at a set time (10 individual online lessons).


You can learn on your own any time. We will provide you learning system and 1 exam credit.

Supply chain education

Supply Chain Education

Supply Chain Education deliveres globally recognized APICS certifications, end-to-end learning and development with our industry experts and global standards to transform your supply chain.

Official APICS and ASCM partner

Teaching in English or Czech

Certified and experienced mentors

Individual approach

150+ Trained professionals

On-line or In person

Based in Prague, teaching accessible from the whole of Europe

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